Archive: Jun 2015

Michael Jordan x Boogie Head


Michael Jordan is my all time favorite athlete. His drive and will to win is unmatched. Jordan played in the era of basketball when you had to be tough and every game was full of excitement. Those classic battles between the Bulls and…

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Boogie Cookie Monster Story


The thought and concept of the Boogie Cookie Monster was pretty simple. One of them long nights in the office, we all were hungry for some odd reason (hint, hint). Started off as a joke, the Cookie Monster was sketched…

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Boogie Gumball Machine


We wanted to get creative with the Junk Food Collection. Designs with vibrant colors that standout. What's more fitting than using our Boogie logo as colorful bubblegum and putting them in a classic gum ball machine. Something that will for sure…

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Bruce Lee x Boogie Head


Growing up I remember watching Bruce Lee movies and being hypnotized by his talent. I never knew someone could be so focused on their craft. Not only did he popularize martial arts, he revolutionize it. After a good Bruce Lee…

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