25 And 36

Lately people have been asking why do we use 25 and 36 as numbers that represent our brand. I guess being busy with AC, we never got around to telling why those two numbers are significant to us.

What we quickly found out is most people in the fashion industry started with other companies or had some type of affiliation to help get them up and running. That wasn’t the case for us, we had different dreams before I started ArtistiCreation. My partners and I shared the common goal of making it to the NFL. I attended San Diego State University and I was a straight city boy from Oakland, California. Nick Collins was a full on country boy from Cross City, Florida that went to Bethune-Cookman. And when I say country boy, I mean COUNTRY! I’m talking about cowboy boots and spurs. While I was rocking 4x white tees and size 40 jeans. In 2005 two young men from opposite ends of the U.S. lives changed tremendously. We were drafted to the NFL!!! Myself in the 4th round and Nick in the 2nd round to the Green Bay Packers. Both of us played the safety position and were roommates our first year. The first week we couldn’t understand each other due to a language barrier so to speak. Nick having a heavy country accent and myself talking too fast, we barely spoke to each other. The first week of practice we had to run the defense as young safeties and the coaches said it was the worst practice they’ve seen in years. We quickly got our act together and the chemistry on the field was undeniable. We became great friends, which is very unlikely in a competitive sport and two guys playing the same position. When we made the team that year I was issued the number 25 and he got the big 3-6. For the record I thought that was the ugliest number ever, but he made it work. Due to multiple injuries my career was cut short, but Nick Collins was one of the best safeties I’ve seen play the game. He was a 3 time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl Champion for the Packers.

I went on to start ArtistiCreation after football and I’m absolutely honored that my parters Rob and Nick are apart of this dream. Thank you!






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